さちばるピザ 1,000円

Sachibaru Pizza 1,000 yen


Sachibaru Pizza 1,000 yen
3 Cheese Pizza 1,000 yen
Margherita 1,000 yen
Sweet Potato Tempura 800 yen
Fresh Shima Yasai Salad 450 yen
Blend Coffee (Hot・Ice) 500 yen
Dandelion Coffee (Hot・Ice) 500 yen
Ryukyu Flower Black Tea (Hot・Ice) 500 yen
Cafe Au Lait (Hot・Ice) 500 yen
Coffee Float 600 yen
Tea Float 600 yen
Organic juices Orange or Apple 600 yen
Homemade Ginger Ale Made of ginger,honey,and apple juice 600 yen
Homemade Enzyme Juice with Soda 600 yen

*We give a ¥100 discount for adove drinks with ordered with pizza.

Amamikiyo(Original Cocktail) This cocktail is made of homemade lemon syrup,awamori,tropical juice,and soda.We also have non-alcoholic Amamikiyo. 600 yen
Orion Beer Local Okinawan Beer 600 yen
Non-Alcoholic Beer KIRIN Rei ICHI 600 yen
Wines by the Glass We serve white from Australia. 600 yen
Weinschorle Weinschorle is German drink made of wine mixed with sparkling water. 600 yen
Awamori Okinawan spirits from a brewery in Miyakojima, an island rich nature. 600 yen
Vanilla Ice Cream Topped with Sugarcane Molasses 350 yen
Dessert Set Jimami(peanut)Tofu,Cake,Fruits and Coffee or Tea 1,000 yen

※The prices above do not include tax.

Nozu’s Gallery

In Yama no Chaya Rakusui, there is the original painting ‘Natsukashii Mirai Okinawa (Nostalgic Future Okinawa)’ on display painted by Yuichi Nozu, an artist who loved Okinawa. It shows the landscape of the original state of Okinawa in the old days. In other words, It shows the scenery of the lifestyle in Okinawa before the war that fewer and fewer people know about today. Nozu’s work, which was painted relying on his memory, expresses the vivid faces and warmth of Okinawans.