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Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.



いつも、山の茶屋・楽水をご利用してくださり、ありがとうございます。 当店は10月11日より、営業時間を変更させていただきます。 変更前 11時~18時(ラストオーダー17時) 変更後 11時~16時(ラストオーダー15時) 月曜日のみ、10時オープン 急な変更となりましたが、ご理解とご協力の程、宜しくお願い致します。 山の茶屋・楽水 店長 稲福 Our shop will change the opening hours from October 11th. 11 to 18 o’clock before the change (last order 17 o’clock) 11 o’clock – 16 o’clock after change (last order 15 o’clock) Open on Monday only, at 10 am Although it was a sudden change, thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Manager KEN


  スタッフ一同 B6705E7D-0286-4EF7-824A-BA1BC76E9875 Notice of restarting business Dear Customer, The restoration work from the damage of the other day of the typhoon has fallen and the business has been resumed on October 7 as planned in the same way as planned. However, there are places some of which can not be recovered as of today. (1) The communication function (telephone, FAX, Internet) can not be used due to corruption of the telephone line (2) 2 outdoor seats, beach seats and terrace (shade) seats can not be used (3) The repair work on the outer wall of the store is incomplete We think that there are also some inconvenient and dissatisfied parts, but we will continue to work on improvement, so thank you for your understanding. All the staff of Hamabe no Chaya